Domain Events

Figure 1: A navigation map for strategic distillation [1]

Strategic Distillation

Figure 1: A navigation map for model integrity patterns [1]

Strategic Design

According to the dictionary, trade-off is “A balance achieved between two desirable but incompatible features; a compromise.” Put in other words, it means we must sacrifice something in order to gain something else. Trade-offs are limitations imposed by reality — they are reality saying to us: “You can’t have your…

Domain-Driven Design, also known as DDD, is an approach to software development that separates the whole big project unity into smaller and simpler projects, each representing a distinct domain — “domain” being the particular field of knowledge for which the software is being built. By extension, it also tends to…

Kanban is a project management methodology that aims at extracting maximum result from the development process, while being as precise as possible and avoiding waste. It is often (incorrectly) seen as just a board where cards are put. It is much more than that. …

O Manifesto Ágil é a declaração dos princípios que constituem o desenvolvimento ágil de software. Em Engenharia de Software, o conjunto desses princípios é uma proposta de processo de desenvolvimento cujos objetivos são qualidade e velocidade na entrega de produtos de software, garantindo assim a satisfação do cliente.

O manifesto…

Rafael Ritter

Software Architect at ilegra

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